The clASS |  more than a workout

A 50 minute sweat session including warm up and cool down. It is a high intensity, low impact full body workout incorporating core and upper body movements and is designed to be effective for all fitness levels.

Our classes are beat focused, with the entire 50 minutes choreographed specifically to the music by our highly trained instructors. The beat drops in our dimly lit room with motivating and energizing lighting. Think of it as dancing on a bike, while getting a killer sweat that leaves you feeling like you are on top of the world.

we supply

* SPD clip in cycling shoes for every ride. Shoes are always included with the class and available when you walk through our doors. If you have your own SPD compatible shoes you are welcome to use them (just make sure they are clean please).

*Towels (you are going to sweat. A lot.)

*Earplugs (if preferred)


you bring

*Workout attire 

*Water bottle (Stay Hydrated. Always. And if you forget yours we have some swag for sale to help you out).

*Clean socks

*Your game face